Online loans without leaving home

Online loans are definitely a faster way to get extra money than traditional consumer credit, which is granted in a bank branch. An online loan without leaving your home allows you to take out a loan of up to tens of thousands of zlotys for the purpose indicated. Visit for a summary

An online loan is a type of financial liability that can be borne entirely online. The development of online banking meant that this type of loan is included in the offer of most banks in Poland, thanks to which people who are looking for ways to get additional money can choose offers.

Online loan – it’s worth knowing

Online loan - it

Online loans without leaving your home are a good solution for people who value comfort and use technology. Online loans are an alternative to traditional bank loans, which are granted in bank branches. Online loans have a similar interest rate and other costs as other bank cash loans, and in some cases offers are definitely more attractive.

Online loans are solutions that are granted for a period of several months to even over a dozen years, so that people seeking this type of financing can choose the optimal repayment time, tailored to their capabilities. What distinguishes an online loan without leaving your home from a standard bank loan is a minimum of formalities and an instant decision to grant a loan.

The lack of formalities and the maximally accelerated process of verification of the application and credit decision are similar to those for online payday loans. However, unlike this type of liabilities, online loans are granted by banks, often on much better terms than expensive payday loans.

Is there an online loan without BIK and online loan for proof?

Is there an online loan without BIK and online loan for proof?

A large group of people who cannot boast of a good credit history, or are in arrears with repayment of debt, want to take an online loan without BIK or online loan as proof. It should be remembered that, in accordance with Recommendation S and the tightening of lending policies, banks must verify clients’ applications in credit information databases such as BIG, BIG ERIF, etc. each time.

By checking customer information, the bank can determine its creditworthiness much faster by which it can estimate credit risk. Thanks to this, the decision to grant a loan is decidedly faster than in the case of traditional forms of financing.

Online proof credit is not available, as banks also need to know about earnings, monthly expenses, debts and any other client commitments that may affect the decision to grant the loan. For this reason, it is also not possible to have an online cash loan without certification, because unlike online lenders providing online payday loans, the bank must gather as much information about its client as possible.

Online loan – what to look for?

Online loan - what to look for?

When looking for a loan online, it is worth paying attention to all the costs of the loan, i.e. interest rate, commission for granting the loan and additional fees, such as insurance. A good indicator of the attractiveness of a given online loan is APRC, i.e. the Annual Annual Interest Rate, which includes all the costs of the loan.

Child loan guarantee


There is always a risk of having a certain amount on any credit account, even if you do it for your son or daughter. When you take out a car loan for your child, you take full responsibility for the debt. If your son does not pay or pays less than the minimum amount due, the delay will be included in his credit report and yours.

Risk related to taking a car loan

Risk related to taking a car loan

Even though your name would be on the loan, the bank cannot tell you if your son is in arrears, at least not immediately. It is your responsibility to ensure that you make each payment on time. Otherwise, you may cause damage to your credit report and assessments until you receive information about the default.

If your son stops paying in full, you will be responsible for the remaining loan amount. The creditor can then contact you to collect the debt.

If the account is sold, it will most likely be reported to your credit report, including your son’s.

Even if all payments are made on time, each time, lenders will consider the loan amount when assessing the credit report for the purpose of the loan. The debt will be included in the total amount due when credit points are calculated.

The increase in total debt can have a negative impact on your credit rating.

Benefits of car loan

Benefits of car loan

Let’s put the credit risk aside, thinking of a car loan for your child can certainly help him start building a strong credit history for himself. Because you have a strong credit rating, having you as guarantors is likely to allow him to receive better rates and deadlines than if he had submitted his own applications.

Just make sure that your son fully understands the role of the guarantor and that his actions, good or bad, will affect you directly. You do him a great favor and he must have serious responsibility to you.

Other options to help your child build a loan

Other options to help your child build a loan

If your son doesn’t have a credit card yet, adding him to one of your credit card accounts as an account partner or authorized user is another option that can help him build a loan. As a joint account holder, he not only has the option of using a credit card, but will also be responsible for payments. This means that any subsequent payment on your account will affect both credit histories.

New payday loans which one is the best?

The market of non-bank products is constantly evolving, as consumers’ demand for various forms of financial support is growing. Consumer expectations and their needs for non-banking services are changing, which forces companies to adapt to current industry trends. New payday loans are more and more improved in terms of the offer, and high competitiveness on the market makes non-bank companies try to precisely meet the needs of borrowers. What makes such offers stand out?

New payday loan – available to everyone

New payday loan - available to everyone

Until recently, few people who had met the restrictive requirements of banks could afford to take a loan. To get a loan, you must have an impeccable credit history, high income and a permanent employment contract. New payday loans are products in which formalities have been kept to a minimum. All you need is a valid ID to become a customer of a non-bank company and enjoy the injection of extra cash. Payday loans without checking your credit history are available to everyone, regardless of financial status or employment status. In determining creditworthiness, loan companies consider income from all sources, not just the employment contract. Non-bank loans are granted on the basis of retirement, student loan, 500+ or ​​other social benefits, included in living income.

Online payday loans – new for free

Online payday loans - new for free

An interesting offer on the market are free loans for new customers. You can use them only once, but it is a good opportunity to check the service level of the selected lender. In order for the new payday loan to be completely free, you only need to meet one condition, namely to pay off all debt on time. Before taking such a loan, it is worth analyzing your financial situation carefully so as not to be exposed to additional fees for late repayment. A safer option is to apply for a small amount that will be settled at the end of the loan period. Timely repayment of payday loans will make it easier to obtain larger amounts of funding in the future, as non-bank companies are happy to cooperate with clients that honestly meet their obligations.

Online payday loans – new without BIK and without certificates

Online payday loans - new without BIK and without certificates

Non-bank companies are trying to match the offer to each client. Even people who are struggling with debt and are entered in the database of debtors can benefit from such financial support. New payday loans are granted on a consolidation basis, which is why they are invaluable help in getting out of the spiral of debts. Gradual repayment of outstanding liabilities with payday loans can lead to financial independence and stability.

New loan companies – how not to be fooled?

New loan companies - how not to be fooled?

The offers of new companies that offer favorable conditions of cooperation are constantly appearing on the market. Before using the services of a new lender, you should check its credibility. A website offering quick payday loans can be a useful source of information. Vigilance should be aroused by unclear terms of cooperation, lack of clearly defined fees for the loan and incomplete contact details. New loan companies are trying to build their customer base by offering payday loans on attractive terms, which only seemingly are beneficial. Therefore, one should carefully examine the offer and additionally check the lender’s data in the register of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

New loans – what’s worth paying attention to?

New loans - what

Not all new companies on the payday loans market should raise doubts, as dishonest lenders are marginal cases. Most new loans are granted on favorable terms to convince clients to use the services. A novelty that is worth paying attention to are installment loans offered on simplified credit terms. Astro Finance offers new loans as proof, without requiring clients to provide employer certificates or any additional documents. Installment loans are comparable to traditional bank loans, which is why they had a similar granting procedure. The new non-bank installment loans were designed to be as beneficial as banking products, and at the same time did not require complicated formalities from customers.

New installment loans – who can take advantage of them?

New installment loans - who can take advantage of them?

Until now, simple payday loans have been the most popular among non-bank products. Increasingly, customers are choosing installment loans, because such an obligation is easier to pay back. The lending process is no different in both cases, because loan companies only require an identity card and a correctly completed application. In addition, it should be remembered that new non-bank installment loans are transferred to the account, therefore it is necessary to have a personal bank account. Due to the fact that it is a long-term commitment, you must reckon with checking the data in the BIK databases. This is to reduce the risk of late repayment and ensure customer safety so that they do not fall into a spiral of debt due to stratified liabilities that are difficult to pay off.

New in loans – payday loan or installment payment?

New in loans - payday loan or installment payment?

Competition on the loan market can cause that especially new customers may have a problem with choosing the best offer. Payday loans without checking your credit history are a good option if you are using the company’s services for the first time. Then you are entitled to a free loan not charged with additional fees. However, if you prefer to maintain financial stability and do not want to drastically burden your budget with a one-off repayment, choose a loan in installments. Just remember to pay all amounts due before submitting your application, because only then can you count on a positive decision from the non-bank company.

The concept of working capital loan, denominated loan and credit account loan.

What is a working capital loan and how does it work.

What is a working capital loan and how does it work.

There are many loans that are granted on different conditions and for different purposes. Such loans include working capital loan, denominated loan and social loan. Let’s start with a working capital loan. This is one of the bank loans that is taken to finance the current operations of the enterprise. Such money can be useful, inter alia, for payments to employees, or help in the purchase of some office equipment.

The company can maintain its financial liquidity thanks to revolving loans. It allows you to settle your current liabilities even if you have no cash on hand. Working capital loan is usually granted for up to a year, which makes it one of the short-term loans. If it is to be a seasonal inventory loan, it is granted for a longer period of time. Such a loan can be made available in a credit account as well as in a current account. There is no schedule for working capital loan payments, but it is implemented according to the limit set by the borrower. The same is true when paying off such a loan. There is no schedule for this. Usually, the bank wants the loan to be repaid until the loan is due. In some cases, the bank distributes the loan into installments, say repaid every month.

Denominated loan – concept and methods of operation.

Denominated loan - concept and methods of operation.

Another loan is a denominated loan. This is one of the foreign currency loans in which the debt in a foreign currency is calculated on the basis of the currency buying rate on the day when the loan agreement is signed. The exchange rate is constantly changing, which means that loans denominated are at risk. It may happen that the loan amount we applied for in the national currency will be lower in the foreign currency and thus we will receive less money than we needed to finance the investment. The opposite can also be the case. We may receive more money in a foreign currency than we requested in the national currency.

The concept and forms of credit in credit accounts.

The concept and forms of credit in credit accounts.

A loan in a credit account is a loan that requires the borrower to set up a separate credit account. All orders and transfers are made on this account, which is the opposite of overdraft facilities. Credit account loans are usually granted for a short period of time and for a medium term. Due to the fact that a separate loan account is kept, it is much easier to manage and monitor the loan. For the bank, it is much easier to control the borrower.

Credit account loans can be granted in several different forms. It can be granted as a target loan, loan for liabilities, as a cash loan, as a seasonal loan and as a credit line. Each of these forms can be a loan in a credit account, which is convenient for both the bank and the borrower.

Car insurance calculator online for free immediately

Wondering how and where to choose the best liability insurance? There is no need to look for branches of dozens of insurance companies and stand on the long queue. It’s different! All you need is a smart phone with internet connection and you can solve the matter in 10 minutes. Our MTPL calculator is available to clients every day and no matter whether it is a weekend or a holiday. We will compare the offers of all available insurance companies on the market in seconds. Try it out and see for yourself immediately.


Car insurance calculator online

Car insurance calculator online

Completing the form is very simple and fast. First you choose the vehicle type: car, motorcycle, quad or motor bike, truck, tractor, trolleybus or bus. It is also necessary to choose for which operation you use the car: regular, driving school, taxi, dangerous goods, etc. Then give the make, model series and motorization. If you are not sure of anything, a small technical card will help you. The engine capacity has a great influence on the total cost of MTPL. The next box is the license plate (license plate), license plate (license plate) and the year of manufacture of the vehicle. The last indication about your car is its approximate price.

Then just fill in the details of the owner, any number of claims and click CALCULATE. You can look forward to a discount on online MTPL insurance and a gift that you will appreciate.


Car insurance calculator 2018

Car insurance calculator 2018

On the internet you will find many calculators for comparison of MTPL, but you can find the best one on

Every day, hundreds of clients who get the lowest price guarantee and many other benefits you will not find elsewhere will take out insurance here. Save up to CZK 9,000 on MTPL!


Car insurance calculator free

Car insurance

There are no hidden or settlement fees waiting for you. Fair access and well-arranged calculator. All offers in one place sorted by price and amount of insurance indemnity.


Car insurance calculator anonymously

Car insurance

Is it possible to arrange MTPL anonymously without personal data? We may disappoint someone, but they do not provide this Czech graders.

How to pay the Good Finance Credit faster?

Through the social fund for housing of Good Finance, many workers whose income and living conditions are not sufficient to become creditors of a private bank mortgage loan, can acquire a house . But they do so at a much higher interest than in banks (above 12%).

And some of these credits are still tied to a benchmark that increases with the minimum wage contribution (VSM). So, in your cases paying the Good Finance credit faster is an urgent need.

How to pay the Good Finance credit faster, effortlessly?

How to pay the Good Finance credit faster, effortlessly?

Avoid blackberry

This may seem obvious, but it is not. The Good Finance does not stand out for being punctual in its notifications to its debtors, and that lack of pressure usually causes many holders to let months go by without paying. And that only adds interest, penalties and can make you lose your home.

Pay on time

If for two years you do not incur defaults, you automatically get to pay the Good Finance credit faster , as you enter a program that rewards that punctuality: “Good Finance Rewards” deducts you the last monthly payment.


One of the most effective ways to pay the fastest Good Finance credit is to pay monthly payments in advance. Although each monthly payment is deducted from your payroll, you can contribute capital payments, without penalties, and this significantly reduces the amount of your debt and interest. Experts recommend paying a month and a half in advance each year .

Pay in advance about benefits

Pay in advance about benefits

You can use part of your bonus or profits to amortize capital without penalty.

Settle the total balance

Whether you have extra money or have access to personal credit, you can pay the entire outstanding balance. However, you should know that there are no discounts for using this method to pay the Good Finance credit faster .

The best option: Transfer your Mortgage Credit

The best option: Transfer your Mortgage Credit

If you have a good credit bureau, you can pass your mortgage credit to another bank with better conditions. This operation is known as “mortgage transfer” or “mortgage improvement.” Basically consisting of a bank for your debt with Good Finance, and you have a new mortgage loan with that bank.

The amount of the debt you owe to date is passed to the new bank, with a lower interest rate.

There are many clients that we have advised and have managed to pay less mortgage interest.

The Most Common Ways To Waste Money

Trying to fill a carafe with the perforated bottom is not the smart thing. Everyone would agree with this, as well as with the statement that, logically, if the holes are first plugged, it is possible to fill the carafe. But when we apply this metaphor to money, the fact does not always seem so obvious. Wasting money is not always associated only with excessive and unreasonable spending. Sometimes, the problem is in the small holes through which money runs out imperceptibly and sometimes they are not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes these are intelligent commercial tricks, in whose claws we fall without noticing. In others, they are purely psychological dependencies, which we do not realize either. Therefore, we point out the most common:


Buy “branded” items

Buy “branded” items

Sometimes, the brand is a symbol of quality, but in others, it only gives a sense of prestige without adding value to the product. In these cases you pay dearly for the good name. Whether food, cosmetics, clothing or technology we are easily caught in the brand, waiting for quality. Make your purchases consciously and choose the cheapest equivalent.



Go shopping with an empty belly

Go shopping with an empty belly

It is a well known fact: when you enter a supermarket, you are much more likely to buy more if you are hungry. Second trick: set a time limit for the purchase, especially if you are in a hypermarket. If you have all the time in the world to look and tempt yourself, you will end up buying more than you need.


Go shopping every day

Go shopping every day

The idea that you save more if you make a large purchase once a week is not entirely true. Any entry into the store carries the risk of increased spending. This is also true when you buy once a week, because you still go to the grocery store or the supermarket because something is over. You can probably spend a day or two without milk.


Discard food

Discard food

Try to record the amount of food you throw in the trash, and it won’t be surprising that with the amount of the month you can feed an entire town. The main reasons for getting rid of food are two: buy more than necessary or buy the wrong thing. The first is clear and the second is related to expiration. In many cases, the food is perfectly edible even if the expiration date has passed. Trust your senses before sending something to the caneca.


Gas station synonymous with something to eat

The main idea of ​​service stations is to charge your car. The rest is a trick. It is not necessary that every time you stop to refuel, for the bathroom service or to take a break, buy something to eat, drink or just in case … Not to mention that the products at the service stations are more expensive than in a normal store.



Pay only or mainly with card

pay with credit card

It’s comfortable, you save the cost of withdrawal by cashier, but … you let yourself be tempted more. If you buy in cash and have previously defined the amount you are going to spend, it is unlikely that you will spend. Also, the fact that you don’t have cash will limit you a little in shopping. Additionally, there is a psychological effect: when you pay with a card you don’t see how you physically separate from the money, while when you pay with cash, you do feel it. And that makes things easier to decide and not so important.



Games payment

Games payment

That is a skillful way for a few pesos (or more) to constantly escape your account. These are games that you or your children play on the cell phone. Some allow you to buy bonds, coins or resources with real money. When you can pay by phone or card, the person is easily tempted.


Purchase clothes at a regular price

Purchase clothes

Whatever you liked in the clothing store, the time will always come, when it will be sold at a discount. Mandatory Sometimes up to a quarter of its regular price. Buy your clothes and shoes with discount at all times, unless it is something indispensable. If you have no reservations regarding used items, you can buy second-hand.

Interest-only mortgage becomes taboo

However, homeowners with an interest-only mortgage are in a split. The banks want to “force” their customers to (partly) repay their interest-only mortgages. This repayment of an interest-only mortgage takes place at various times:

  • At the end of the term (usually after 30 years)
  • When selling the property
  • In the meantime through additional repayments

Bench at the wheel

Bench at the wheel

In the past, banks still arranged interest-only mortgages with an unlimited duration. In recent years this has been changed to 30 years. The banks have taken the lead. After 30 years, the customer must come to the mat and the interest-only mortgage will be taken.

The bank will then look closely at the relationship between the amount of the mortgage on the one hand and the value of the home and the income on the other. If the income is sufficient, the interest-only mortgage will be “forced” into an annuity / linear mortgage. The new term will also be determined by the bank. This can therefore be shorter than 30 years. In this case, the bank determines what a customer will pay per month.

If a customer is going to be difficult, the bank will point out to the customer the letters sent earlier about the repayment of the interest-only mortgage. Moreover, the customer will be told that he can always go to another bank. The chance is very high that every bank will use the same method.

Extra repayments in the meantime?

Extra repayments in the meantime?

The question is whether interim repayment on the interest-only mortgage is advisable. Of course this depends on the situation. However, there is an intermediate solution.

It is also possible to continue saving outside of the mortgage and only to pay off the repayment-free mortgage (in whole or in part) when the Hillen Act becomes applicable.

A homeowner still benefits from the interest deduction. Here too, what the other mortgage type is besides the interest-only mortgage is important.

Cabinet and banks unreliable

Cabinet and banks unreliable

In any case, it is clear that the interest-only mortgage has become taboo. In the coming years, the banks will do everything they can to get their customers to redeem them. If we take a look at the past then this is of course very strange.

Almost every homeowner was advised to close at least 50% of the mortgage interest-only. The banks themselves gave this advice to their customers.

This total has changed in less than five years. How changeable can a person be. It is clear that the government and also the banks cannot be trusted.

Expensive Loans – How is that possible?

The eye rate is at the lowest degree ever. And I think the lowest stage has not yet been achieved. Good news if you want to take out financing. Because thanks to the low interest you are able to borrow money cheaply. Yet there is one ‘credit’ that will remain unchanged expensive: browsing red. Red numbers are the most expensive form of borrowing cash. Especially now.

Because while the borrowing price is falling, the interest price on red remains likewise.

In proportion, in the minus is thus only more expensive. How is that will possible? And more importantly, how may you avoid it?


At the outset of 2016, we were more than eleven billion euros in Holland. An extremely high amount that will bank earns a lot of money through. Because while savings rates of interest have fallen from 2.3% to 1. 0% recently, the average interest rate on reddish colored declining at a minimum, from eleven. 7% to 10. 8%. This was the conclusion of a research by the Financieele Dagblad.

Why, you appropriately wonder. I don’t think the requirement is there. Consumers often have no idea how expensive a without is. Moreover, people tend not to change banks quickly. Consequently, banks will not compete with one another on the interest rate before reddish colored. There is too much ignorance within my eyes. That is why I carry on and insist: people, avoid reddish colored numbers!

Prevent being in the red

Avoiding debts begins with an insight into your finances. Just how much comes in every month and how a lot you spend. Are you in the red since you don’t get enough or since you spend too much? Take a crucial look at your income and costs and discover where you can save. And exactly how you can prevent red quantities on your bank account.

If you are structurally red, create a plan to redeem part each month and get out of the red amounts. Do you have savings? Then instantly redeem your red financial debt and switch off the reddish. You will receive little attention on your savings, but you will probably pay around 11% interest in browsing red.  

Continuous Credit as a less expensive alternative


I understand that it can be sometimes easy to be in a particular red for a while. Certainly, should you not come out at the end of the 30 days.

But encounter shows that it is sometimes as well easy. That’s why it’s don’t to just start.

Are you still structurally lacking money or do you just enjoy having extra money? Then select a Continuous Credit. Such a credit score works the same as being in the particular red, but with a much-reduced interest rate (from 4. 4%). You only pay interest to the money that you withdraw. Are you currently not withdrawing extra money? Then you definitely also pay no curiosity. Very handy and much less expensive than being in the crimson. So do it!