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Online loans without leaving home

Online loans are definitely a faster way to get extra money than traditional consumer credit, which is granted in a bank branch. An online loan without leaving your home allows you to take out a loan of up to tens of thousands of zlotys for the purpose indicated. Visit for a summary

An online loan is a type of financial liability that can be borne entirely online. The development of online banking meant that this type of loan is included in the offer of most banks in Poland, thanks to which people who are looking for ways to get additional money can choose offers.

Online loan – it’s worth knowing

Online loan - it

Online loans without leaving your home are a good solution for people who value comfort and use technology. Online loans are an alternative to traditional bank loans, which are granted in bank branches. Online loans have a similar interest rate and other costs as other bank cash loans, and in some cases offers are definitely more attractive.

Online loans are solutions that are granted for a period of several months to even over a dozen years, so that people seeking this type of financing can choose the optimal repayment time, tailored to their capabilities. What distinguishes an online loan without leaving your home from a standard bank loan is a minimum of formalities and an instant decision to grant a loan.

The lack of formalities and the maximally accelerated process of verification of the application and credit decision are similar to those for online payday loans. However, unlike this type of liabilities, online loans are granted by banks, often on much better terms than expensive payday loans.

Is there an online loan without BIK and online loan for proof?

Is there an online loan without BIK and online loan for proof?

A large group of people who cannot boast of a good credit history, or are in arrears with repayment of debt, want to take an online loan without BIK or online loan as proof. It should be remembered that, in accordance with Recommendation S and the tightening of lending policies, banks must verify clients’ applications in credit information databases such as BIG, BIG ERIF, etc. each time.

By checking customer information, the bank can determine its creditworthiness much faster by which it can estimate credit risk. Thanks to this, the decision to grant a loan is decidedly faster than in the case of traditional forms of financing.

Online proof credit is not available, as banks also need to know about earnings, monthly expenses, debts and any other client commitments that may affect the decision to grant the loan. For this reason, it is also not possible to have an online cash loan without certification, because unlike online lenders providing online payday loans, the bank must gather as much information about its client as possible.

Online loan – what to look for?

Online loan - what to look for?

When looking for a loan online, it is worth paying attention to all the costs of the loan, i.e. interest rate, commission for granting the loan and additional fees, such as insurance. A good indicator of the attractiveness of a given online loan is APRC, i.e. the Annual Annual Interest Rate, which includes all the costs of the loan.